Greenlux Fixtures in Finlands Largest Parking Facility

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 16:05

Greenlux Fixtures in Finland's Largest Parking Facility


3000 is the total number of parking spaces added to the P5 parking at Helsinki Airport. P5 will now have 4500 spaces making the total of 13000 parking spaces in the airport's parking facility the largest in Finland. With considerations to minimize its carbon footprint, the new expansion chose LEDs as its main source of illumination. With smart controls, the system is said to offer up to 80% in energy savings compared to conventional lighting solutions. Greenlux is proud to have been a part of this achievement as one of Finavia’s trusted partners and suppliers. With more than 1800 fixtures delivered, Greenlux has contributed controllable lighting solutions aiming to save energy and heighten the overall lighting quality in the parking floors where they are installed. 



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